E2O Accessories is a designer accessories brand desiring to deliver an eclectic creation that spills elegance with a hint of modish approach. E2O, precisely avowed as “Even 2 Odd”, has been a thought by Apeksha Patel, who aspired to bring a range of exquisite creation in the accessories segment which had few players back then in 20’s. E2O dispatched its first handbag in the year 2013, today celebrating a remarkable growth in the market. Every E2O handbag is intricately crafted with captivating colours and richly textured fabric that exhibits the bewitching beauty of every woman. An offering that isn’t specific to a peculiar class of women. E2O believes in reaching out to the women in mass who lives an ordinary day in an extraordinary way through her passion for contemporary fashion.

With an immense likeliness towards the handbags category, E2O launched its contemporary jewellery line this year offering striking adornments for accentuating the charming facet of every woman. Through its range of jewellery collection, E2O intends to fill the void this segment lacks in the Indian market. With westernization hitting us, women are prone to adopt a western lifestyle in the way they dress up but westernized accessorizing is yet to influence the market. But perfecting in minute detail is what makes you stand apart & E2O brings that minutest offering in a most beautifying way. The brand has a PAN India & online presence through its contemporary accessories range that lets you make your choicest pick!

E2O Fashion is available at numerous retail shops across India which comprises of Large Format Stores naming Central, Shoppers stop, Globus, Brand Factory & Shop-in-shop, Kiosk,  EBO concept where every fashionista will find her taste and style. And if you are at your nearest Deal Jeans outlet, E2O is exclusively available to complement your look. In today’s world, where fashion blends with hassle-free shopping, E2O wants to cast its presence in every nook and corner of the world giving shoppers an exclusive yet exquisite range of designs and colors to make the choicest pick!

E2O takes boundless joy in beautifying the women of today!